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The Evolution of Google

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Over the years Google has gone from being just another search engine to a household name. Instead of saying “I am going to search for xyz”, most people say “I am going to Google xyz”. While this cultural shift may have gone unnoticed by many, …

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Why a website redesign is important

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Keeping your website up to date in this digital day and age is of utmost importance. As important, if not more important than updating and redesigning your physical space, with the priority level being dependent on your line of business. Either way, we have made …

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How to grow your Instagram following?

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Let’s talk social media, or more specifically, let’s talk Instagram. Why do we love social media, or well, Instagram so much? Because it gives people and businesses the opportunity to express themselves, position their brand as well as their products, engage with their market, increase …

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The truth about SEO

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Alongside technology’s rapid progression, there is also the evolution and development of new digital marketing strategies. It’s important as a business to stay on top of your digital marketing and corresponding strategies. If you are looking to grow your business and up your game when …